Current Weather in Colchester, Essex

Night time/Dry/Clear. Forecast - Increasing clouds with little temperature change.

Current conditions on 31 July 2014 at 22:34 -

Temperature19.1°C falling -1.8°C/hour
Wind 0mph WNW
Rainfall 0mm, 5 days without rain
Barometer 1009.2mb
Humidity 71%
Dew Point 13.7°C
Wind Chill 19.1°C
Heat Index 19.1°C
Cloud Height 722m
Air Density 1.196kg/m3
Solar Radiation 0W/m2
Sunshine Hours 00:34
UV Index 0 - Minimal
EvapoTranspiration 1.2mm
Soil Temperature 19.8°C
Soil Temperature 100mm depth19.8°C
Grass Temperature 19.8°C
Indoor Temperature 23.6°C
Indoor Humidity 51%

Today's Highs and Lows -

Temperature 26.6°C at 13:1613.8°C at 06:0821.4°C
Humidity 90% at 06:2036% at 14:5660.2%
Wind Chill 26.6°C at 13:1613.8°C at 06:0821.4°C
Dew Point 14.8°C at 10:4610.1°C at 14:5612.4°C
Heat Index 26.6°C at 13:1613.8°C at 06:0821.4°C
Barometer 1,012.3mb at 00:051,008.4mb at 19:101010.6mb
Max Gust This Hour 0.0 mph N at 10:00
Max Gust Today 14.0 mph W at 11:32
Max Solar Radiation 290W/m2 at 09:31
Max UV Index 3.3 (Low) at 12:00
Soil Temperature 23.7°C at 14:4817.9°C at 04:4519.8°C
Soil Temp 100mm19.9°C at 16:2817.9°C at 07:0219.1°C
Grass Temperature 26.7°C at 12:4117.2°C at 05:0120.6°C
Indoor Temperature 25.5°C at 12:2723.0°C at 06:2624.2°C
Indoor Humidity 51% at 00:0542% at 15:0547.2%

Other statistics -

Sun Rise 05:16Set 20:47
Moon Rise 10:09Set 22:06
Moon Age 4 days, 10 hours, 31 minutes, 21%
Moon PhasePerigee 17:52 UTC
10 August 2014
Apogee 06:10 UTC
24 August 2014
EquinoxSpring 16:58 UTC
20 March 2014
Autumn 02:30 UTC
23 September 2014
SolsticeSummer 10:52 UTC
21 June 2014
Winter 23:04 UTC
21 December 2014



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