Weather in Colchester, Essex - AWS

Automatic Weather Station

Anemometer and Lightning Detector

Integarated Sensor Suite

Processing boxes


Location N51:54, E0:54, Altitude 48m.

The anemometer is located at the top of a pole attached to a shed but suffers from turbulence caused by nearby houses. It is hoped to move it to a roofline later. The upper section of the mast is wooden to avoid ranging problems with the lightning detector (see below).

The Integrated Sensor Suite is sited away from the house in a lawn approximately 5 feet off the ground. A Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield (FARS) has recently been added which should ensure accurate temperature readings over the coming summer.

The weather station is a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro with a data logger. The information is processed by Weather Display software and then imported into SQL Server via an XML feed. The live weather data is provided by Weather Display Live which is also available from the Weather Display site.

Additional sensors are fed into buffer and calibrating amplifiers and then into a Labjack. Data from the labjack is then fed in real time into Weather Display which processes the temperature from the soil and grass sensors.

Lightning data is provided by a Boltek Stormtracker (which can be seen below the anemometer in the top photo) with data processing by Nexstorm. Live data from Nexstorm is continously fed into Weather Display which provides near real time lightning information when used with Weather Display Live.

The station was established in January 2004 so statistics are not in existence for previous months.


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