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From: Ettore 14/02/2010 16:40:15


I am a past "Essex Summer School in Social Data Analysis and Collection" student (years 2001, 2002 and 2003) and after discovering your nice and interesting website I often take a look of it. As a small suggestion, I would propose to show yearly NOAA of current and previous years (...I wasn't able to find them).

I saw that in last july your monthly mean temperature was very similar to the coldes july ever in history (say, last 120 years) in my town, that is in slope in a valley between dolomite mountains and Adriatic Sea (coord. 46.10N,12.24E)! I remember that during the 2003 Summer School in july the heating often started!

May I ask a question? I have been told that apart from the different continentality, the yearly mean temperatures in Southern England are not so much different from those in Northern Italy. Which was your yearly mean in 2009 (integration method)? Mine was 10.5°C at 520 meters asl elevation. I also got 1799 mm of rain in 137 days of rain, figures that look like quite "british".  :)

(for further details see )

Best regards,


From: david dunn 11/02/2010 08:46:10

 great web site  especially the measurements of the ground , grass, transpiration,and solar watts,

As a retired farmer who grew intensive crops uder glass, i am easpecially interested in the growth of plants in relation to its environment .

Other measurements that would be use full is PAR light spectrum anaylsis  and Aeroslols in the atmosphere , these are  difficult to get hold of and do have a lot of impact on plant growth.

I hope my comment may be of use

David Dunn

From: Keith Tully 11/01/2010 11:15:10

 Thanks for the site .

From: Russ Auty 07/01/2010 09:03:33

Great website, love it and use it all the time.  Nice to have some reliable local weather data.  Great work and cool website.

Have passed your link to several friend who are especially interested in the wind speed for flying model aircraft etc…

From: peter 24/09/2009 09:45:05

Nice site,I live in Myland so your site is now on my homepage tabs.

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