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From: Tom Geddes 17/03/2013 20:23:21
Hi Julian, Many thanks for maintaining your website. I am a keen gardener in Lawford and I find your site both useful and interesting. For current month your data indicates 580.6mm rain on 11th March. I know it was wet, but I think there may be a decimal point error here! Kind regards, Tom

From: peter lodge 17/11/2012 14:40:14

Just browsing through on this cold day........

From: Michael Sudik 15/11/2012 22:07:36
I and my wife are making our very first trip to Scotland. We are arriving in Edinburgh on Tuesday 11 Dec and departing Saturday 15 December. Our family owned an auto parts store and as a young boy, I worked there. One day, Jim Clark stopped by on a tour with a Champion Spark Plug salesman. He was such a gentleman and for a boy of 12 years old, he became my everlasting hero. I would like to visit his grave/memorial. I am told that there is also a Jim Clark room in the Parish Church, but it may not be open in December. Would you know how I may contact the church and perhaps make an appointment in advance? The pictures on your site are great. I feel as if I already am there! Many thanks --Mike Sudik

From: david dunn 11/11/2012 15:53:05
hi julian, love your website and its reliability but could I suggest adding a solar reading in watt/m2 , this would give us a far greater level of understanding of the climate than just sunshine hours , and would help enable people to understand the solar effect on the earth more.

From: Hans 20/10/2012 14:58:36
Nice page!

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