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From: Elaine Jackson 26/07/2014 00:08:58
Hello - I could be clutching at straws here, but my paternal 3rd Great Grandmother was Elizabeth Churnside(born 1786) - she married a John Thomson (a bailiff), and her grandson James Kinghorn Thomson named his daughter Alice Churnside Thomson (she died a spinster aged 40). James was born in Berwick-on-Tweed in 1873, his father John (died 1887) is buried in Tweedmouth cemetery. I'm wondering if the Churnside connection is related to Chirnside, and if there are any local historians or even Churnside/Chirnsides still living in the area who might know if this is the case?

From: david dunn 12/02/2014 23:07:12
Your information is invaluable to me, I am a researcher in climate change and wondered of you could add your solar data to your history files , as I is not available there in numeric format . further data that would be of great interest is the PAR light levels , as this indicates what the plant uses and would be very useful for climate and farming programming and yield estimation .

From: Phil 20/06/2013 09:25:23

Great site, refer to you often for local conditions. Quick question, is it just me or has your Stormveiw packed up ? It appears to have got 'stuck' on 29th Sept 2012 @ 6:20pm.

Phil. A.

From: Anthony Smith 11/06/2013 09:30:10
I have a davis vantage vue. I am located at Langham not far from Colchester. My rainfall readings are quite different to yours the rest are very similar. Regards Anthony.

From: Julian 17/03/2013 20:43:36

Hi Tom, thanks for reminding me to correct that rainfall value. Think a spider must have got into the rain collector.

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